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The Platinum Company

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About Us

The Platinum Company is a luxury brand based in Germany.
Our mission: To provide extraordinary people with the most luxurious and extravagant, custom made products.
For the best qualitiy all our production steps are made in Germany, because our customers deserve only the best.
 The Platinum Company
Fine Silver
Noble and beautiful. For plating the iPhone we use 999 thousandths of pure silver.
Finished with white Rohdium the silver gets its distinctive shine and becomes even more resistant.
 The Platinum Company

24K Gold

For a truly excellent appearance of our products plated in 24K yellow or rose gold they are polished
and brushed by hand by our experts with years of experience.
The Platinum Company 

 18K Rose Gold

A higher percentage of copper added to 24K gold creats the rose shine of our 18K rose gold.
Finished in brushed or polished it makes a truly excellent appearance on our products.
 The Platinum Company

950 Platinum

Understatement and exclusivity. Two words that perfectly describe our platinum plated products.
Not as flashy as gold but even rarer.
A metal for enthusiats who appreciate its natural Beauty.
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